Be there from anywhere

Experience Panacast™

The PanaCast Experience helps connect friends and co-workers anywhere in our tele-connected world, giving everybody a panoramic human visual perspective in real time. Unique hardware and state-of-the-art algorithms and software  -  integrated in our new ultra-low latency, multi-imager, panoramic-HD real-time video camera and  integrated streaming server - create an immersive HD live video stream with a 200° field of view at an unprecedented price point. Mobile (Android, iOS) and PC (Windows, Mac) apps enable you to select your own individual perspective from the camera with the swipe of a finger, over WiFi or cellular. Easily carried in one hand, PanaCast cameras can be taken or moved anywhere and enable immersive panoramic video for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Unique interactive video experience 'to be there'
  • Amazing ease of use on your device from anywhere
  • Disruptive price points allowing BYOD
  • Transient

    Check out the PanaCast Sample Video today on iOS™


    Actual video footage shot on prototype PanaCast camera in October 2012.