We live in a distributed, mobile world

Today we are more mobile than ever. We work in different locations and collaborate with teammates in remote offices,  placing new requirements on our collaboration tools. Today's video solutions do not give you the full view and immersive experience of actually being there.

Multi-screen telepresence systems only work if you are in a dedicated telepresence room and can cost upwards of $200,000 per room.

Now imagine a low cost solution that lets you remotely see everything in the meeting room on the devices you already own, from anywhere.

You can look to the left, look to the right, focus on any portion of the visual panorama in front of you, completely independent of anyone else participating in the meeting. You can view the speaker. You can view your boss' facial reactions. You can focus on the list of action items on white board… just as if you were there, sitting in the room. 

Experience the panoramic human view from anywhere as you play, live, learn and work.

PanaCast® - Be there from anywhere™

PanaCast® is a new camera technology that combines our patented hardware, state-of-the-art algorithms and software in one device to enable you to experience a panoramic-HD video stream with a 200° field of view. The advanced design and functionality of the PanaCast Camera from the optics, video capture and transport codes to client devices, is the first in the market to provide a full panoramic view. 

The PanaCast® Camera coupled with the PanaCast® Experience, our cloud service, allows you to have individualized control, pan and zoom across the panoramic video without disrupting the view for other remote participants. You can zoom in on the speaker; on the facial expressions of your colleagues or on the content shared on the whiteboard; or you could choose to just sit back and take in the full 200° view and see the whole room at once. You control what you see, just as if you were there.

The PanaCast® Camera can also be used directly with your existing video collaboration service. It has been tested to work directly with major video collaboration services.

PanaCast System.png

Be there from anywhere™

Want to  experience  Panoramic-HD for yourself? Click here and book a demo with us!

Want to experience Panoramic-HD for yourself? Click here and book a demo with us!